How to Use Acrylic on Your Nails

If you’re thinking about utilizing gel nail merchandise generally and acrylic nails merchandise specifically, you may have come to the precise place. Learn on to seek out out how one can apply acrylic in your nails to make them look longer, extra even and prettier than ever earlier than.

Getting ready for Utility

Clear your nails in addition to doable and push your cuticles again so far as you may. Trim your pure, in order that they don’t seem to be seen beneath the acrylic nails and in addition to make sure that there isn’t a damage to your pure in case the acrylic nail snags and tears away. Use a grid file on the floor of your nails to make them slightly tough in order that your acrylic Comparing Between Acrylic And Polycarbonate nails can match snugly, however do not overdo this or chances are you’ll harm your pure nails. Your nails are actually prepared to be used of acrylic for nails.

Utility of Synthetic Nails

Earlier than using acrylic for you want to connect your synthetic nails to your pure ones. Apply dehydrator or pre-primer with gauze or a brush after which take away sticker from the unreal nail and fix it to your pure nail. Be sure that there are not any gaps and that the edges are in a straight line.

Utility of Acrylic for Nails

Now, soak the comb within the acrylic liquid, after which simply decide some acrylic powder on one facet of the tip. Take away extra liquid utilizing a paper towel. Apply this ball to the free facet of the nail and proceed backwards. Use stress to make sure it’s flat and form it effectively. Repeat the appliance in reverse order twice extra; making certain that every time there’s extra liquid than powder. You will have now efficiently used gel nail merchandise to make your nails look snappier!

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