Buying a Handcrafted Pen? Not All Hand Made Writing Instruments Are the Same

Hand Made Pens – What to search for in choosing an excellent pen

There are some frequent components/strategies in pen making. The start step is choosing a “clean.” A clean is a block of wooden, acrylic, bone, or different materials used to kind the physique of the pen. It’s reduce and a gap is drilled within the heart to insert the pen barrel. The barrels are normally brass. The ends of the blanks are squared off with a barrel trimmer. A superb query to ask a pen maker is, “what’s the barrel trimmer you employ…made from?” Carbide tipped barrel trimmers are the most effective as a result of they reduce with precision.

What’s a Mandrel?

Nearly all handcrafted writing devices are “turned” on a lathe. A lathe is a machine that rotates the work piece (a pen clean) on its axis to carry out numerous operations comparable to chopping, sanding, knurling, drilling, and so on. Many pen makers use a mandrel to carry the pen blanks. A mandrel is an extended (normally metal) rod that the pen blanks are positioned round on a lathe. “Bushings” are fitted into the barrels to carry the pen physique on the mandrel. The mandrel spins and the pen maker carves the form of the pen physique. The issue is most mandrels aren’t completely straight so when the lathe spins there’s vibration. The vibration makes it not possible to get a superbly spherical pen physique. The answer most skilled pen makers use is…flip the pen with out the mandrel. Does this take extra time? Sure. Is it tougher to do? sure. Does it produce superior outcomes? Sure! “Do you employ a mandrel?”is a query that may be requested to a pen maker to get a greater understanding of his/her degree of expertise.

Matching the Pen Physique to the Metallic Elements

One objective of bushings is to supply a pen maker with a information of the place to cease chopping. Every finish of the pen blanks should match the metallic elements that will likely be fitted into the barrels. The bushings present a visible information as a result of the bushings are the identical measurement because the elements to be inserted. Here’s a drawback. Bushings get used time and again and get worn down. Usually model new bushings aren’t the very same measurement because the metallic half. The answer is to make use of calipers to get actual measurements. After I say actual I imply all the way down to.001 of an inch. This manner all of the elements of the pen match…precisely….exactly. Ask a pen maker, “What sort of calipers do you employ?” Many nice pen makers do not use bushings are depend on actual measurements from calipers.


When making a excessive finish handcrafted pen this step is crucial. The looks of the writing instrument depends upon an excellent end. As soon as the pen blanks are formed on the lathe utilizing metallic instruments. The following step is sanding it down. Most all craftsmen that sand pens will use 150, 240, 320, 400, 600 grit sandpaper. Grit numbers are the extent of fineness of the feel. The upper the quantity the smoother the end will likely be. It takes extra time and endurance however the prime pen makers will sand all of the as much as 12, 000 with “micro mesh.” This excessive degree of sanding will produce a glass like end. A superb query to ask is, “What’s the highest grade of sanding (on this pen)?”Hopefully the quantity will likely be 12, 000.

I might write tons of of pages on simply ending alone however I’m chopping to the chase for brevity.


An excellent end must be utilized to most nice writing devices. There are exceptions with acrylic surfaces however most others want a coating of end to keep up a protecting cowl and an excellent shine. A quite common and completely superior end many/most pen maker’s use is cyanoacrylate or as chances are you’ll comprehend it higher “tremendous glue.” Pen makers usually refer it to as CA glue. There are numerous viscosities of CA glue and some ways to use it. Many of the higher handcrafted Plantable pens are made many layers (coats) of CA glue and use numerous strategies to get a gorgeous lengthy lasting shine.

Some makers use “friction polish.” It’s a varnished primarily based materials that produces an impressive shine. It is rather simple apply and exhausting to make a mistake. The issue is it would not final. It’s wonderful for a pen that is happening show and will not be used, however for a customized handcrafted pen that can have use…CA end is much superior. The CA end ought to treatment in a single day earlier than a closing micro mesh sanding and sprucing. A superb query to ask is, “What kind of end is on this pen?”

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